Update from the Licensure Committee

Efforts to obtain NC Licensure for Clinical Laboratory Professionals began in 2013. House Rep. Rick Glazier agreed to be a sponsor for a  bill. House Rep. Tom Murray was a co-sponsor. Other legislators also agreed to be co-sponsors of a licensure bill. In April 2015 Re. Glazier introduced H.B.806 Clinical Lab Science Practice Licensure. Unfortunately, NCSCLS did not get a chance to give input to this bill before it was submitted, and we requested to have this bill rewritten. Rep. Glazier later resigned from office to pursue other interests, and Rep. Murry did not win reelection before this could happen. As of Spring 2016, licensure efforts have been suspended.

         – Licensure Chair, Jeanne Whittlesey


NCSCLS is interested in pursuing licensure for qualified laboratory professionals in the great state of North Carolina.


We believe licensure in NC is crucial for the following reasons:

  1. To protect the public’s health, welfare and safety by ensuring quality laboratory testing by appropriately trained and certified laboratory professionals.
  2. To protect the scope of practice of our profession.
  3. To create a database of qualified laboratory professionals in NC for possible crisis mobilization (natural disasters or bioterrorism threats).

NCSCLS has created a licensure committee that is preparing to pursue licensure in NC for clinical laboratory professionals. If you have any additional questions or would like to join our efforts please contact Jesse Frank at


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