Career Recruitment Committee

The Career Recruitment Committee of  NCSCLS is tasked with several objectives:

  • To identify and evaluate current career recruitment efforts in NC
  • Develop recruitment materials for each grade school (i.e. Elementary, Middle, and High School)
  • Create and facilitate outreach programs, to collaborate with other youth science programs (HOSA, Hutchins, MSEN, NCSSM)
  • Ensure the stability of our MLS/MLT programs.

Committee members, along with members of NCSCLS, participate in numerous outreach activities designed to educate our community and state about the wonders of laboratory medicine.


Other ways to get involved with NCSCLS and promote our profession!

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Resources for Educators

Are you an educator looking for material about the laboratory profession? Here are some sources for information about the profession which you can share with your students. Check out some of the videos from national organizations that provide information about how to become a clinical laboratory science professional and the importance of the profession.

American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

American Society for Clinical Pathology


Interested in a career in clinical laboratory science?

Click HERE to find out what clinical laboratory professionals do and what is required to enter the profession. More information about the CLS profession is also available from the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) and the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Pathology (ASCP). There are schools throughout the state of North Carolina offering degree programs in clinical laboratory science. Programs in North Carolina that are accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS) are found below:


CLS BA and MS programs


North Carolina Society For Clinical Laboratory Science Student Scholarship

The NCSCLS Student Scholarship Fund was established May 8, 1965. The purpose of this fund is to encourage qualified students to pursue courses of study in accredited colleges, universities, community colleges and technical institutes which lead to careers in the clinical laboratory professions.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients Rebecca Ball from Wake Technical Community College and Jennifer Osborne from Winston Salem State University!!

NCSCLS Scholarship Application


American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science Scholarships

ASCLS also provides scholarships for students. The Alpha Mu Tau Scholarships offer graduate and undergraduate students opportunities to receive scholarships for students currently enrolled in NAACLS accredited programs or graduate level programs in areas related to clinical laboratory science. The applications are due in the spring each year and variable amounts of scholarship awards are available. The ASCLS Education and Research Fund also offers a number of scholarships, research grants, and professional awards to help ASCLS members grow in the profession. More information about the scholarships and awards offered by ASCLS can be found at